Stabilized rice bran
gluten free rice bran

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The stabilized rice bran Orybran, represents the outer part of the caryopsis (pericarp, seed coat, perisperm, aleuronic layer and germ) and is obtained through the grain refining process thanks to mechanical abrasion.
It undergoes a patented process of thermo-mechanical nature that, stabilizing the enzymic components, avoids it becomes rancid and preserves intact all micro and macro elements of the rice grain.

The stabilized rice bran Orybran, thanks to its typical nutritional values, can be suitable to integrate the formulation of several food products.

Our stabilized rice bran Orybran is available in customizable granulometries, for different food employments.

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Orybran, more than containing rice oil, has a good fibre content and so we suggest to use it inside different food formulations: cereals, sweet or salted bakery products, extruded products, energetic bars, batter for fried foods.


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