Riso Scotti Ingredients:
between history and technological innovation, in the name of “quality”
"We produce high quality raw materials di alta qualità derived from rice
enhanced by our specialised know how.
Guaranteed by the excellence of the brand Riso Scotti.”


Riso Scotti Ingredients was born as a specialized company of Riso Scotti Group, with high technological content, specialized in the research and testing, production and commercialization of rice components. Riso Scotti Ingredients makes use of the R&D expertise of the head company and of his multipurpose processes in the area of Engineering to propose rice as a “perfect ingredient”.

Within Riso Scotti Group, during its 150 years of activity, rice processing is still an art, which joined the great respect for its origins as a rice factory to the innovative drive required by the market, being the first company on the market which made use of new technologies, able to ensure a high quality standard, unrivalled in its sector. A very high quality, which is recognized by the market and thanks to which the company became the main character of its specific field, with a steady growth of market share. Thanks to its quality system, Riso Scotti – the first of the European rice factories – deserved all the most important international recognitions as to certification, ensuring all its customers the compliance with the commitments undertaken about the quality requirements of its products and services.


Riso Scotti Ingredients, thanks to the experience and know how of the main Italian Group of rice producers, developped unrivalled technologies and processes, in order to produce food components, able to increase the health potential of the products derived from rice.
Here are some of the equipments on which we invested:
• a new mill to produce ground rice and grind with different granulometries,
• equipments to treat the bran obtained during the rice whitening process,
• equipments to mix and prepare wholemeals.

Riso Scotti Ingredients’ production includes two big classes of products:
• products derived from white rice grinding – such as flours with different granulometry, biological and wholemeals.
•products able to complete foods with substances, whose effects, recognized by the scientific world, are needed in appropriate quantities to keep or improve the consumer’s health. Among these ones, the stabilized rice bran is very interesting and its use, aimed at restoring the products with a low fibre content, obtained important recognitions by the FDA.
Our products
We interpret the rice as an ingredient, we value to all components and we set as privileged partner in business to business.
Ground rice
gluten free, standard and customized granulometries, with no impurities
Rice wholemeal flour
gluten free, standard and customized granulometries
Stabilized rice bran
gluten free rice bran
Rice starch
gluten free, high viscosity, neutral taste and colour
Rice oil
neutral sensorial outline, high point of smoke
Vegetable drinks
gluten and lactose free, with no proteins from cows’ milk
Rice powder
gluten and lactose free, soluble
Puffed & Toasted
Puffing and roasting seeds and cereals are both natural processes that do not employ additives.
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