Ground rice
gluten free, standard and customized granulometries, with no impurities

foto Ground rice


Ground rice is obtained by grinding the white broken rice with no impurities. The broken rice, after the surface abrasion to remove possible chromatic defects, is grinded through the passage into rolling mills in order to obtain ground rice with different granulometries.

The use of ground rice allows to give to the finished product all nutritional values typical of the cereal: high digestibility, of course gluten free, excellent supply of carbohydrates.

WIHOUT FATS AND SODIUM FREE (according to the Regulation 1924/2006).

CREAM, FLOUR AND SEMOLINA are our standard references and distinguish for the growing granulometry.

The advanced technology of our plant allows us to offer even different formulations for a customized proposal.

The product is also available from biological agriculture.

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Ground rice is excellent to be sprinkled, more than being a valid ingredient for several dishes, such as soups, gnocchi, fresh pasta, bakery products and sweets.


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disponibile anche biologico
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Ground rice
gluten free, standard and customized granulometries, with no impurities
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gluten free, standard and customized granulometries
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