The chain of production

“Bivio Vela” is a unique and organised technological pole, one of the best in Europe, where the enormous innovation relies on the systemic process to achieve the total control on the productive chain Thanks to the Riso Scotti Ingredients Division, the raw material is fully enhanced as a perfect example of integrated cycle, exploiting all its resources, nulling the production waste and consequently its environmental impact. For example, the bran (the rice's external strata and fats) becomes raw material for the production of the rice oil or it is stabilised and used as an ingredient the white rice grain is used for the production of the puffed rice or milled in order to obtain flours, creams, semolinas...
Our products
We interpret the rice as an ingredient, we value to all components and we set as privileged partner in business to business.
Riso sprint
Pellet feed for horses
Rice oil
Rice oil is the ingredient extracted from rice bran and germ.